Monthly Archives: January 2002

thursday, january 31

Note to self: when you start noticing that all you want to do is sleep and you don’t give a fuck about life, stop and notice that you haven’t taken your anti-depressants for THREE WEEKS. I even got one of those geriatric pillboxes just for this (well, that and the Claritin). That’s why I have no sex drive or get-up-and-go. DUH.

‘CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, while its own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.’ What? Do they have Arthur Andersen in there auditing? Jesus Christ. I think I’m gonna run for president in a few years.

Oh forgot this one, my employer announced last week the following: ___ expects to show a net loss of between $20 million and $35 million for the fourth quarter of 2001, compared with net income of $193 million for same quarter in 2000. Total net loss for 2001 is expected to be $1.6 billion versus net income of $1.2 billion in 2000. As we close the book on 2001, the worst financial performance of ___, and the worst year in the history of the industry, we need to be mindful of the steps we’ve taken ? and are taking ? to strengthen our company. Relative to the fourth quarter results, we have previously announced $125 million of restructuring and related charges, as well as Enron-related losses of $52 million after-tax.

thursday, january 24

(I’m busily working on my coaching/web portal site – then I want to migrate this journal from using Blogger to MovableType. I’m still alive! Listed with another modeling agency. Diet going well – Ron and I measure tonight. It’s funny how not eating grains makes my weight plummet – I woke up yesterday weighing 158 and after a day of not eating grains (but lots of hydrating) came home to weigh 153. That’s nuts. Trying to convert over to veggie carbs and fruits. Brigitte and I got our eyebrows waxed yesterday – damn that lower part stings… got the chest waxed – they didn’t do a very good job – lots of little whiteheads this morning. Damn.)

wednesday, january 16

The father-son conflict has ebbed. Some very messy honesty was dragged out into the harsh light of day and we both said very hurtful honest things. But I feel like it’s some sort of turning point. That now that all that was said and done that things will be better, truer.

In other news: I’m supposed to have a interview with a modeling agency this afternoon – I am wearing a nice black clingy shirt – only I didn’t notice the big massive grease track across the front of it. It looks like I fell down on a White Castle. I have to go guy a shirt now in an hour or so.

Karen turned 27 on Monday. Brigitte and I threw her a pizza party at Brigitte’s. Giordano’s even gave us a bonus free pizza because we ordered so much. I bought Moose Tracks ice cream. Alan and Jessi brought Krispy Kremes. I had a piece of cake with a Krispy Kreme and ice cream all on one plate. You can’t beat that.

tuesday, january 15

It has been a hard past few days. My father and I have launched into an email war. Part of me wants to post the correspondence to share with readers and see what insights they can offer. Part of me doesn’t want to admit this is happening – especially since I know dad reads my blog.

monday, january 7

Someone in IT security still had me as a temporary employee so I am waiting this morning to have my account re-instated so maybe, just maybe, I can do my job. All of the work I have left today is email-based. Sigh. Went to bed at 10pm last night. Woke up at 1am ready to go… went back and slept until 5:13am. I love being out on the street around 6am – it’s like night-time – only so, so quiet. Went to the gym and burned 500 on the LifeFitness elliptical thingy. I went swimming yesterday at the gym and it reminded me how poorly I do the breast stroke – I can never get the right rhythm with the breathing. So I did lots of backstroke and paddling with one of those floats. Kicked my ass. I eventually resorted to walking in the pool as fast as I could and that still tired me out. Lifted with Ron. Then practiced with Brigitte for her audition later that evening. Then met at Brian’s house to read through his edit of Henry VI, Parts 1-3 down to a two hour play. Nothing makes me sleepy like the Histories – except for maybe Chekhov. Karen caught me jerking awake going into hour #2 of the reading. I was so sleepy. Came home and took a two hour nap and then did some webwork and hung out on webcam. Still entertain the thought every once in a while of becoming a webcam guy. But I know my sister would kick my ass. It was hard not to just swing by Ron’s and have dinner and hang out. He’s off all of this month so I’m trying to find that delicate balance. I might try to work from home tomorrow so we can spend some time together during the day. He got me the really cool ultra-thin watch that Swatch makes. I love it. Karen asked if I was going to get a Swatchguard for it. I like it a lot. I wish Uncle George carried cool watches like that – but all they have is Seikos and I can’t have another Seiko watch. I’m going to go check my network access again.

(time passes…)

No dice. I saw Fellowship of the Ring again this weekend. It is just so damned good. It reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption in that I know it’s a long long film – but I don’t mind it because the story is so wonderful. HELPFUL TIP: Take a bathroom break after the Fellowship is formed and you see the nine of them walking through a landscape – they do this for a good two minutes – you won’t miss anything – and it’s past the mid-way point in the film. My favorite part is still the troll in the dwarves (dwarfs?) caverns. And so wonderful to finally see what orcs look like. It is such a visually dazzling film and I give major big-ass kudos to director Peter Jackson for having the cojones to pull this baby off. Wow. I’ll probably see it a third time.

friday, january 4

This morning I was informed that our song (Ron and I) was ‘One Hand in My Pocket’ from Alanis’s Jagged Little Pill – that’s awesome – the last song I had was with Amy and it was Head Over Feet from the same album. Maybe this is a pattern. We begin month five of dating today. Crazy, ain’t it?

The 2002 Bloggies are under

The 2002 Bloggies are under way… feel free to N******nate your favorite web logs/online journals… (hint, hint)… maybe suggest me for Best Kept Secret, or LGBT, or American Weblog or Humorous Weblog… I have no problem asking for accolades. Be sure to N******nate ‘Andy’ with URL: – thanks! Click here to enter your N******nations. I feel like I should now add all that fun sidebar content I used to have – but I’m liking the all text thing a lot…

wednesday, january 2

New Year’s went well. I showed up at Karen’s feeling like a rock star: leather pants and clingy black shirt. I’d brought Ferro Rocher and immediately began devouring them – chasing them with a vodka tonic and a piece of pizza. Karen wore her Charlie’s Angels zip-up and Brigitte showed up in her torch-singer little black dress. We drank and ate more chocolate and then took a taxi to Le Passage were we began drinking and eating and laughing at people. We drank lots and managed to get a perch across from the kitchen door as the servers came out with trays of hors d’oeuvres and other yummy goodness.