thursday, january 31

Note to self: when you start noticing that all you want to do is sleep and you don’t give a fuck about life, stop and notice that you haven’t taken your anti-depressants for THREE WEEKS. I even got one of those geriatric pillboxes just for this (well, that and the Claritin). That’s why I have […]

thursday, january 24

(I’m busily working on my coaching/web portal site – then I want to migrate this journal from using Blogger to MovableType. I’m still alive! Listed with another modeling agency. Diet going well – Ron and I measure tonight. It’s funny how not eating grains makes my weight plummet – I woke up yesterday weighing 158 […]

wednesday, january 16

The father-son conflict has ebbed. Some very messy honesty was dragged out into the harsh light of day and we both said very hurtful honest things. But I feel like it’s some sort of turning point. That now that all that was said and done that things will be better, truer. In other news: I’m […]

tuesday, january 15

It has been a hard past few days. My father and I have launched into an email war. Part of me wants to post the correspondence to share with readers and see what insights they can offer. Part of me doesn’t want to admit this is happening – especially since I know dad reads my […]

monday, january 7

Someone in IT security still had me as a temporary employee so I am waiting this morning to have my account re-instated so maybe, just maybe, I can do my job. All of the work I have left today is email-based. Sigh. Went to bed at 10pm last night. Woke up at 1am ready to […]

friday, january 4

This morning I was informed that our song (Ron and I) was ‘One Hand in My Pocket’ from Alanis’s Jagged Little Pill – that’s awesome – the last song I had was with Amy and it was Head Over Feet from the same album. Maybe this is a pattern. We begin month five of dating […]

The 2002 Bloggies are under

The 2002 Bloggies are under way… feel free to N******nate your favorite web logs/online journals… (hint, hint)… maybe suggest me for Best Kept Secret, or LGBT, or American Weblog or Humorous Weblog… I have no problem asking for accolades. Be sure to N******nate ‘Andy’ with URL: – thanks! Click here to enter your N******nations. […]

wednesday, january 2

New Year’s went well. I showed up at Karen’s feeling like a rock star: leather pants and clingy black shirt. I’d brought Ferro Rocher and immediately began devouring them – chasing them with a vodka tonic and a piece of pizza. Karen wore her Charlie’s Angels zip-up and Brigitte showed up in her torch-singer little […]