thursday, november 29

I know no one wants to hear more about 9-11 but I found something chilling from Dan Rather interviews a FEMA representative a few days after the attacks (audio file) Rather: Tom Kennedy… Kennedy, a rescue worker with the National Urban Search and Rescue, it?s part of FEMA? Kennedy: We?re currently one of the […]

To: Heather, Karen, Brigitte

To: Heather, Karen, Brigitte Subject: Star Wars Did I tell you that Ron has never seen the Star Wars trilogy? I almost fell over at dinner. I couldn’t believe it. He liked the first film – PHANTOM MENACE. I was dumbfounded. Yikes. I told him that he can’t get citizenship until he sees the Star […]

thursday, november 22

Happy Thanksgiving everybody – I realized I hadn’t posted in such a long time. We had quite a meal this afternoon – though it was interrupted twice – once by dad’s step-dad and his girlfriend (who is also his brother’s widow – take a moment to feel revulsion) and then by Uncle Jack and his […]

friday, november 16

And once again my hunger and hubris gets the better of me. I ate an entire margherita pizza and chicken caesar salad from Sopraffina. So yummy. I then chugged 40 oz of water and I feel like I’m going to float away. Good news: my co-worker Mark heard that I play piano and he and […]

wednesday, november 14

From TERRORISTS: US GOVERNMENT: Supposed leader is the spoiled son of a powerful politician, from extremely wealthy oil family Supposed leader is the spoiled son of a powerful politician, from extremely wealthy oil family Leader has declared a holy war (‘Jihad’) against his ‘enemies’; believes any nation not with him is against him; believes […]

monday, november 12

Lots of dreaming lately. I had a dream that my friend Nicole climbed the Empire State building and jumped off of it. Brigitte, Karen and I were on the roofs of surrounding skyscrapers and took the elevators down to see her lying unconscious in a blue car – she’d broken through the roof. She coughed […]

I guess I just need

I guess I just need to make a phone list group on my Palm V for all of my friends that live in New York City. That way everytime there is a fucking disaster I can call them all quickly and easily. This is madness.

It’s official:Andy: I almost fell

It’s official: Andy: I almost fell over when Brian said the word boyfriend when introducing Christian Andy: I’d never heard him say that word before Ron: what about you,,? have you slowed down? Andy: um Andy: yeah Andy: duh Andy: I’m only dating Andy: you Andy: and even before then Ron: he h ehe,, just […]

saturday, november 10

I fuckin’ knew it: FBI: Anthrax likely mailed by American Saw Margaret Cho last night at the Chicago Theatre. She totally fucking rocked the place. An audience covering the spectra of sexuality and ethnicity. A lesbian white-asian couple sat behind us – I turned to Ron and said: ‘So would she be a riceking?’ He […]