Monthly Archives: September 2001

sunday, september 30

Wonderful weekend with Ron-tastic. We met up on Friday afternoon for dinner at Ping-Pong (I am obsessed with their sesame chicken). Then we realized we’d started our date way too early – it was 9 and we weren’t due to go out until 11:30. Hung out for a while and then went dancing, Richard joined us and then Teddy and Gilbert came in as well. Got to bed around 2. Breakfast at Ann Sather with Brigitte and then we walked around and shopped and then lunch at Einstein’s Bagels and then green tea whilst reading the newspaper and then we went downtown to look at the sale stuff at Banana Republic – we discovered an amazing phenomenon – this was the Sucks-to-Be-Short Sale. They had 32 waist stuff – but nothing in 28 inseam (Ron) or 30 (me) – even one of the sales associates confirmed that – “Yeah, 28 and 30s are the first things to go.” Damn! I tried on a pair of 32 inseam but I don’t want to have to hem my pants. Dinner at Joy’s and then we watched Trick, which I had never seen though had been told numerous times that I am exactly like the Christian Campbell character. I hope I’m not that damned boring and wussy. I’d rather be the studly stripper. >sigh< The scene with the drag queen in the bathroom was amazingly written and delivered in one complete take - great monologue - and the Tori Spelling monologue at the end was very good as well. See - I like a happy ending - if the characters earn it. Characters should have to crawl through shit for the happy ending. But a great movie and very very good sense of comedic timing.

Bush is telling everyone to travel and fly. Right.

Ron always calls out to his roommates when we enter the apartment: ‘Teddy? Dita?‘ I finally asked and dita is Tagalog slang for ‘girl’ or ‘girlfriend’.

thursday, september 27

Excellent article on eXile:

As Edward Herman has noted, ?One of the most durable features of the U.S. culture is the inability or refusal to recognize U.S. crimes. The media have long been calling for the Japanese and Germans to admit guilt, apologize, and pay reparations. But the idea that this country has committed huge crimes, and that current events such as the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks may be rooted in responses to those crimes, is close to inadmissible.?

Phil Donahue kicks Bill O’Reilly’s

Phil Donahue kicks Bill O’Reilly’s ass on The O’Reilly Factor:

We want — we don’t want to bomb Afghanistan. Chapter One of the 21st century is the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That’s chapter one of the world of the 21st century. If we kill more people, if we kill innocents, which we will if we bomb Afghanistan, that’s going to be the second chapter.

O’REILLY: All right. So you don’t buy —

DONAHUE: And we will have more — more young people growing up to imitate…

O’REILLY: All right. I got it.

DONAHUE: … the behavior of those who hit — we’re going to breed more, and we’re going to be Belfast where…

O’REILLY: So you’re…

DONAHUE: … you couldn’t go to a restaurant without going through a metal detector, you can’t park a car unless there’s somebody in the car.

O’REILLY: Got it.

DONAHUE: This is what we’re headed for because Bill O’Reilly and a lot of people, not only in the news — op ed pages, but all of cabledom bomb the…

O’REILLY: I never said — look…

DONAHUE: Bomb them. Bomb them. Bomb them.

I’m trying to observe a

I’m trying to observe a media blackout today. It is hard. My first reaction when I get a spare moment is to log in to or Metafilter or Slashdot or Memepool or obsess about Dean‘s life or Jonno‘s or Tart’s. But I try to remind myself how often I use media for distraction – to keep myself numb to the fact that I really don’t like where I’m working and that what I’m doing is pretty goddamned un-important.

Ron and I had dinner at Ping Pong – I’m obsessed with their sesame chicken and then hung out at his place and then went to Sidetrack around 11. It was old tall daddies night and we formed a pact to start a bar for short boys only. One of the cutest things about him is the way he says ‘sorry’ – it’s got a Brit spin on it. That and when he calls himself a spoonhead because he thinks his head is too big for his body. Face it: spoonhead is a funny word and when you put a slight Tagalog accent on it… He started back at United today. He’s a little nervous but eager to get back up in the air. He knows his planes, too. He can look up at the sky at any time and name any plane that you see. Reminds of my sister with submarines. She’s obsessed with long hard cylinders full of sea-men and her boyfriend likes deep dark moist caves. Paging Dr. Freud!

Had lunch with Brigitte and Karen yesterday after I got done with my morning o’ doctor appointments. Karen was threatening to do grand battements if we didn’t get to McDonald’s for ice cream soon. Karen eats ice cream every day. I think that’s hysterical.

monday, september 24

What to eat, what to eat. I sit here in the midst of a raging hunger headache. Panda Express? Corner Bakery? Sopprafina? My Thai? Wendy’s? I just don’t know!

They want to roll user-testing for a beta version of an online app this week. Yay. Shouldn’t be too hard to get all the testing scripts designed. Me so tired.

I guess Ron and I are getting serious – we now have a toothbrush at the other’s house.

And it is Monday and I am back at work. Keeping my vocalizing to a minimum. Just went through a pile of 60 emails. The DayQuil is starting to settle in my brain… today my big sister turns another year older. I realize how special our relationship is when I others comment ‘You and your sisters are really close, aren’t you?’ Yes, we are. It still boggles my little Indiana mind that there is someone who has seen me grow up for the past 26 years and become what I am. And further – I’ve known her all of my life. That’s just crazy.

H to the Izzo. B to the Izzay. Git chore dam’ hanz up.

This high fat diet of ice cream and milkshakes rocks my world.

I still can’t stand that ‘Blue and Yellow Purple Hills’ song. The attempt at syncopation and obvious swing-choir gestures grate on my nerves.

Went to Banana Republic with Ron and his buddy Richard yesterday – they spent most of the time talking about me in Tagalog. I chided them in a midwestern twang, “Why don’ choo stop tawlkin’ that oriental tawlk and tawlk Eeenglish?”

sunday, september 23

Olivia’s dance concert was good – I hadn’t been to a dance event since college. I always forget what a great dancer she is – such nobility to her presence onstage. And such care and articulation with all of the movements – there were three dancers out of the corps that I liked. Three of the dance pieces I really enjoyed and I filed some images in the back of my head for further churning. I can’t stand dance without narrative. It drives me nutty. And all the flowly, drapy ballet stuff is always about setting someone free! or soaring to the sky! It’s like a PBS douche commercial – all billowy and over-feminine. Ron was writhing to do some dance work. It breaks my heart, his story – he fractured his hip in three places in 1994 and was told he could never dance again. That would be like if someone chopped off my hands. I want him to dance again – I know, I know: it’s not my journey. But I just keep thinking of Chita Rivera and all of her bullshit – but she could afford all of that physical therapy. It just grinds me up to see in his eyes how much he misses dancing. But he loves flying now. He goes back to work at United – he didn’t get laid off after all. He can’t wait to get back up in the air. I went up to Olivia’s mother after the concert and said ‘I forget what a bad-ass your daughter is,’ and she says, ‘a what?’ and I say, ‘A bad-ass. Don’t worry – it’s a good thing’ and she says, ‘oh sorry! I’m used to giving detentions for talk like that!’ Ah, us simple mid-westernites.

Throat getting better each day – markedly better in the past two. I have a nasty white sheath of blobulousness in the back of my throat. Eeeewwwwwww! Ron got to meet a lot of my friends last night and couldn’t believe how nuts we are. I warned him. Karen and I kidnapped him and took him for Oberweis ice cream. Yum-yum. I nearly pissed myself when Karen sang that ‘Superman’ song like a chicken… I wish I could remember the real title (it’s not the Kryptonite song…). Bawk-bawk bawk-bawwwwwwwwwwk! So hysterical. It was raining so hard this morning I thought someone was in my shower.

saturday, september 22

Had a great night last night. Ron and I went to see With or Without Wings. I hadn’t seen it since they revived it and, as usual, Mierka was wonderful. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 33. We’d had dinner at Angelina’s – I as usual had the cruelty platter (veal parmigiana) and salad. I on my second chug of a vodka tonic when I realized I probably should not be drinking alcohol since I was hooched up on liquid tylenol, codeine, antihistamines, decongestants and antibiotics. I’m a walking chemical pool. Went to Roscoe’s to dance after the show. I like being seen with Ron. Everyone remarks we make a cute couple and I very much agree. Awkward moment as we walked to the bar and passed the Caribou where five young asian girls were at a front table. They totally stared at us as we walked past as if to say where’d you get that white boy and does he have any friends? We’re going to Olivia’s dance concert with Karen tonight.