sunday, september 30

Wonderful weekend with Ron-tastic. We met up on Friday afternoon for dinner at Ping-Pong (I am obsessed with their sesame chicken). Then we realized we’d started our date way too early – it was 9 and we weren’t due to go out until 11:30. Hung out for a while and then went dancing, Richard joined […]

thursday, september 27

Excellent article on eXile: As Edward Herman has noted, ?One of the most durable features of the U.S. culture is the inability or refusal to recognize U.S. crimes. The media have long been calling for the Japanese and Germans to admit guilt, apologize, and pay reparations. But the idea that this country has committed huge […]

Phil Donahue kicks Bill O’Reilly’s

Phil Donahue kicks Bill O’Reilly’s ass on The O’Reilly Factor: We want — we don’t want to bomb Afghanistan. Chapter One of the 21st century is the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That’s chapter one of the world of the 21st century. If we kill more people, if we kill innocents, which we will […]

And for some my home

And for some my home page is one of the top places to go for search requests for ‘bi laden’. Go figure. And everyone is looking for a picture of Bin Laden fucking President Bush. I don’t have one. Time for some promotion (heh heh).

I’m trying to observe a

I’m trying to observe a media blackout today. It is hard. My first reaction when I get a spare moment is to log in to or Metafilter or Slashdot or Memepool or obsess about Dean‘s life or Jonno‘s or Tart’s. But I try to remind myself how often I use media for distraction – […]

monday, september 24

What to eat, what to eat. I sit here in the midst of a raging hunger headache. Panda Express? Corner Bakery? Sopprafina? My Thai? Wendy’s? I just don’t know! They want to roll user-testing for a beta version of an online app this week. Yay. Shouldn’t be too hard to get all the testing scripts […]

sunday, september 23

Olivia’s dance concert was good – I hadn’t been to a dance event since college. I always forget what a great dancer she is – such nobility to her presence onstage. And such care and articulation with all of the movements – there were three dancers out of the corps that I liked. Three of […]

saturday, september 22

Had a great night last night. Ron and I went to see With or Without Wings. I hadn’t seen it since they revived it and, as usual, Mierka was wonderful. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 33. We’d had dinner at Angelina’s – I as usual had the cruelty platter (veal parmigiana) and salad. […]