thursday, march 29

From: Brigitte Karen already knows this… Just had another tampon incident. I put the thing in, pushed up the applicator and pulled out only to find the cotton was still in the applicator, not my hole. I couldn’t fix it so I had to do it the OB Way. It’s weird now and I can’t […]

tuesday, march 27

Oh – and Brigitte’s mom gave her a decongestant called StaMoist. It is pronounced STAY-MOIST evidently – not stuh-MOYST. It’s a very commanding name for a pharmaceutical if you ask me. You simply must see this: How to Dance Properly. Plus he’s got some pretty cool Flash animations and this neato sketchpad. From: Andy To: […]

sunday, march 25

What a wonderful weekend. Sisters are wonderful things. Heather flew in Friday night as I was wrapping up a photo shoot (I’m gonna be in an indoor display for a major label bourbon come Christmas!!). We had dinner at Angelina’s and the dessert fucking rocked. Then we went to the plays and she really really […]

thursday, march 22

Today I got balls. I told someone what was up with a very difficult situation and had the balls to say what I’d wanted to say for over half a year. I am torn between terror at how things will turn out, sadness that things went this far and elation that I got some fucking […]

Here’s mine: WHAT IS YOUR

Here’s mine: WHAT IS YOUR JOB? DO YOU ENJOY YOUR JOB? Admin guru, office god, database hustler is my dayjob. It pays da bills but my vocation is the creative arts – particularly storymaking in theatre and hopefully film. Still want to be a superstar. IF YOU COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE FOR A DAY, WHO […]

Once again I’m ashamed to

Once again I’m ashamed to be a Hoosier: (via Keithers) An Indiana middle school student’s parents are suing his history teacher over allegations that the instructor wrote “fag” on a Valentine candy heart and gave it to the boy in front of his classmates. The family’s attorney, Jim Brown, said that Miller has also ridiculed […]

wednesday, march 21

Absolutely searing. Read this right now: School Shootings and White Denial I’ll tell you what went wrong and it’s not TV, rap music, video games or a lack of prayer in school. What went wrong is that white Americans decided to ignore dysfunction and violence when it only affected other communities, and thereby blinded themselves […]

Yes I know – it

Yes I know – it has been a long time since I posted. Much has happened. Dad typed my theatre company’s name in a search engine and found my weblog. Eeeek. He though that this was the site for my plays. So I started thinking who else has not realized the difference between a search […]

thursday, march 15

I feel better now. Reading this review was like having my guts ripped out by a taloned hand. My first reaction was very very personal. Others that have read the review said it was as if the critic had some sort of vendetta against me, that is was just a very mean-spirited review, that this […]