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sunday, december 31

from a discussion forum on Fraggle Rock:

  • What were those little things [Dozers]? They gave me nightmares not only as a young child but as a teenager as well. And WHAT WAS THAT PILE OF TRASH? Talk about creepy!
  • When they showed a Dozer naked. I had always had conflicting emotions about the Dozers…the Fraggles STOLE the buildings the Dozers made to eat as snacks, but then again the Dozers were annoying…anyway. On one of the episodes a Dozer gets stripped of his clothes (for whatever unimaginable reason). He looked like something between an old man and a little baby. It was disturbing. I want to stop talking about the naked Dozers now.

Frank Herbert talks about his

Frank Herbert talks about his creative process in writing the Dune novels:

I conceived of a long novel, the whole trilogy as one book about the messianic convulsions that periodically overtake us. Demagogues, fanatics, con-game artists, the innocent and the not so innocent bystanders?all were to have a part in the drama. This grows from my theory that superheroes are disastrous for humankind. Even if we find a real hero (whatever?or whoever?that may be), eventually fallible mortals take over the power structure that always comes into being around such a leader.

Personal observation has convinced me that in the power area of politics/economics and in their logical consequence, war, people tend to give over every decision-making capacity to any leader who can wrap himself in the myth fabric of the society.

Well that was quick. After

Well that was quick. After 391 votes my pic on AmIHotOrNot has been made inactive, no longer shown randomly to viewers – this is to give newer submissions time to catch up. I guess I should stop whining. I ended up with a rating of 9.9 – I’m ‘hotter than 98% of the men on this site.’ That’s the same percentage as Mensa! It was brief and fun ego trip. Sigh. Now I should try RateMyFace!

thursday, december 28

Goddamn people are stupid: NetZero sues Juno, alleges patent infringement:

The lawsuit… alleges that Juno infringed on a patent recently awarded to NetZero’s zCast technology that allows an ISP to display an advertising pop-up window. Both companies offer free Internet access but require people to accept a persistent window that displays advertisements.

Looks like to me NetZero is trying to get some kind of income since their stock went from $36 to 75 cents. Fuckers. Juno is at 36 cents. CENTS people. Penneeeeez!

If you ever defecated on

If you ever defecated on yourself, this is the rag for you! A review of Colitis Club Quarterly.

In a mad dash for the bathroom, I slipped on my own liquefied feces, as it filled my sandals, (it was casual Friday) and ran across the floor. Smashing my head into the wall, I grasped for one of my co-workers in an attempt to break my fall. We both tumbled to the ground and right into the putrid birth of my own bowels.

Epinions continues to amaze.