sunday, december 31

from a discussion forum on Fraggle Rock: What were those little things [Dozers]? They gave me nightmares not only as a young child but as a teenager as well. And WHAT WAS THAT PILE OF TRASH? Talk about creepy! When they showed a Dozer naked. I had always had conflicting emotions about the Dozers…the Fraggles […]

friday, december 29

I am truly embarrassed. The Purchase Circle for my hometown couldn’t be created because there wasn’t enough data. Meaning: nobody in my hometown reads.

Frank Herbert talks about his

Frank Herbert talks about his creative process in writing the Dune novels: I conceived of a long novel, the whole trilogy as one book about the messianic convulsions that periodically overtake us. Demagogues, fanatics, con-game artists, the innocent and the not so innocent bystanders?all were to have a part in the drama. This grows from […]

Well that was quick. After

Well that was quick. After 391 votes my pic on AmIHotOrNot has been made inactive, no longer shown randomly to viewers – this is to give newer submissions time to catch up. I guess I should stop whining. I ended up with a rating of 9.9 – I’m ‘hotter than 98% of the men on […]

thursday, december 28

Goddamn people are stupid: NetZero sues Juno, alleges patent infringement: The lawsuit… alleges that Juno infringed on a patent recently awarded to NetZero’s zCast technology that allows an ISP to display an advertising pop-up window. Both companies offer free Internet access but require people to accept a persistent window that displays advertisements. Looks like to […]

Those crazy Japanese-type people:The Lovegety

Those crazy Japanese-type people: The Lovegety – Set your key ring sized lovegety to search for – a friend – a karaoke partner – or love. Then pick the sex of the partner you are searching for. Then wait. If anyone comes within 10 metres of you with the same settings your buzzers go of… […]

If you ever defecated on

If you ever defecated on yourself, this is the rag for you! A review of Colitis Club Quarterly. In a mad dash for the bathroom, I slipped on my own liquefied feces, as it filled my sandals, (it was casual Friday) and ran across the floor. Smashing my head into the wall, I grasped for […]