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saturday, september 30

This is an old family favorite my grandmother used to make all the time. So yummy.

Porcupine Meat Balls (from Presto Pressure Cooker Recipe Book)

1-1/2 lbs ground beef
1/2 cup rice
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tbs minced onion
1 can tomato soup
1/2 cup water

Wash rice thoroughly.* Combine meat, rice, salt, pepper and onion. Use clean hands to mix and shape. Shape into small balls. Heat tomato soup and water in cooker. Drop meat balls in soup mixture. Close cover securely. Place pressure regulator on vent pipe and cook 10 minutes with pressure cooker regulator cooking slowly. Let pressure drop of its own accord.

*Place the 1/2 cup rice in strainer and let water run over it for 20 to 30 seconds, then dump it in the meat. DO NOT USE MINUTE RICE.

saturday, september 23

from Bruce

Your comments hit the nail on the head, at least regarding my “bisexuality.” You couldnt have expressed it any better when you said that women still make your hormones carbonate. This applies to me so aptly. I like beautiful things, and that includes beautiful women AND men. I have always seen myself as highly adaptable and experimental, and that includes sex.

I dont look at men in a sexual way. Believe it or not, never have. Rather, I tend to feel a sense of admiration and companionship toward certain quaities in certain men, esp. those who I think look good or have a strong sense of confidence/sexuality. My relationships with women have alwyas been very complicated. I truly think what attracts me most to the gay lifestyle is the no-BS-get-down-to-the-friends/sex approach, no feelings, no emotions (well, at least for me).

At any rate, I think your comments are most honest and accurate as far as bisexuality is concerned.

Yahoo! PersonalsChinese rice

more from Yahoo! Personals

Chinese rice looking to pair up with a White potato to be a
main dish. I’m starving! Much like Ireland back in the day, I am currently
experiencing the Great Potato Famine. So hungry that I wouldn’t mind
resorting to cannibalism, as in eating other varieties of Asian rice (does rice
on rice get too sticky?). Perhaps some other international cuisine? Still,
nothing beats good old American White potatoes. Would even eat them raw
(that was a double entendre if you didn’t catch it). Huge movie buff (I see 2 to 3 movies some weeks); (heavily into S&M;
that’s Streisand & Madonna/Midler). LOOKING FOR: My mind, body & soul were not built for one-night
stands. I am searching for that rare gay man (preferably white) that is looking
for his soul mate. NOT LOOKING FOR: Married men, and bisexuals,
especially those with girlfriends. Bisexuality is just a pit stop to gay city
anyway. Wish these confused people would realize that, and pick a tEam,
any team! hopes & dreams: i want to live out every romantic movie ever
made, with someone who knows me intimately, and i him. may my gay
white knight in shining armor come save me. i shall nurse you back to
health, for you have been stricken with a tinge of yellow fever (hehehe…get
it?). applications will be taken for the one who will be anointed the once &
future king of my heart.

thursday, september 21

I was telling my friend Matt some interesting stuff about today – he’s a specialist in vocal production and performance. I’ve always known that my vocal tract and emotional state are heavily intertwined. When I was a kid, intead of throwing a fit I’d just hold my breath until I fainted. So I think that has developed in my adult life with the fact that whenever I get emotional about anything my first instinct is to supress it and not give breath to what I’m saying. So in the taxi on the way to the interview I’m deep breathing and trying to relax. I walk in to the agency and my voice is gone. It is locked in the back of my throat so I have to consciously try to move my vocal production back to my teeth. I start to sweat. I try to just relax in my setting and focus on listening holistically to the guy I was talking to and focusing on him instead of on myself. I start to chill eventually. I get out of the interview and for the rest of the day my throat is swollen and the canker sores I had from being sick a few weeks ago inflame back into existence. It is like I have this total vocal arrest. Of course it is psychosomatic but it is pretty goddamn freaky. It is like when I talk too fast all the time. Part of the time I just have so much that I want to say that I can’t get my mouth to articulate it fast enough – the other part of the time I feel like what I’m saying isn’t important enough to merit people listening. So that’s a little look into tortured psycho. K!

And from Chicago’s Yahoo! Personals

And from Chicago’s Yahoo! Personals

cute smooth slender asian boy looking for a gentleman to take care of him
sexually and financially.

hi, i am looking for a black guy. i prefer
feminine guys that have smooth bodies.
if you are interested, send me a
message. [don’t you mean a woman?]

Jimneedsit, are you still out there? Still
willing to meet for a drink or coffee?
You gave me your number, but I’ve lost

Masculine attractive Brotha looking to
get his FUCK on! Safe clean fun
only…No Games. No Bullshit! I like
with no Hang-Ups. I’m not looking for a
relationship just a good time. No

Went to a modeling agency

Went to a modeling agency this morning. I’d read they were having an open call. So I gathered up all my courage and took the taxi from worked talked to the main guy in charge. He said I have a nice body, a good profile and I’m a prettyboy. That was good to hear. But that I’m too short for runway – I already knew that. But he did refer me to another agency that is looking for guys my type. Rock on! Stay tuned…
Had lunch with Brigitte and then we sat by the river and talked for a while.
Nick called and one of his friends knocked his girlfriend up. And the kicker is: he wanted to. HOW FUCKING STUPID. She’s insured? Yeah – but what about diapers, formula, pre-school and everything else. He’s working two jobs, she’s working one. Who’s gonna raise the child. They’re going to raise the baby together but they’re not going to live together. Yeah – go back and reread that. It is things like that that make me feel nobody ever deserves a handout for anything. Adoption? Contraception? Jesus – that makes me so angry!