Monthly Archives: August 2000

YAY – just got a

YAY – just got a paycheck! Suddenly the day seems brighter. It’s a five-weeker too. Rock on! AND NOW a service op just answered the phone! Wow! Intersections of serendipity! Woohoo!

Ameritech says: They need to

Ameritech says: They need to know where the network interface device is, yeek. The grey box. I gotta figure that one out. I had lunch today with Brigitte at the Corner Bakery. I got to see her office finally. Shit! To think that we all have offices and jobs now is so outrageous! Ameritech has to call me back. Argh. I might just leave and go work out. I wanna deposit my check. I CANNOT BUY TOYS I CANNOT BUY TOYS I CANNOT BUY TOYS WITH THIS CHECK. Actually I just realized I haven’t paid any employment tax this year. Major important thing I need to do. Shit. Feckin’ IRS.

Still on hold. Do

Still on hold. Do I hang up now and go to the gym and go home? Or do I stick it out? Oh – YAY – Tracy Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason’ just came on. I’ll stay for that.

I’m on hold right now

I’m on hold right now with Ameritech trying to figure out my DSL installation. It is bad enough being on hold but do I have to listen to ‘I Want It That Way.’ Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache.


Date: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 9:54 AM
Subject: not so quiet fart

I forgot to tell you that I was standing by this girls’ cubicle having a
conversation. I always try to watch what I’m doing around her because she
doesn’t like to be crowded or anything dirty or out of the usual. She
doesn’t even like being in a bathroom stall next to someone else. Well,
were having a conversation about clothes and I was talking about sales
knowing that I had to fart so I should leave. I decided to make it as
silent as possible. Having done this trick before by tightening my but
cheeks, I confidently proceeded. All of a sudden, in between my words came
this frightening, thunderous, burst of gas…that came from me. I was
startled and it showed all over my face. I looked up to see if she noticed
and all I can see were her eyes b/c she covered the rest of her face up
her sweater. Lesson learned – the butt cheek trick is inconsistent.

From: Karen Sent: Tuesday,

From: Karen
Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 7:06 AM
To: Andy
Subject: Script.

Pamper.? Yes.? It’s a purple pamper.? Do you want to come to my purple pamper party, Pud?? Please partake of my patty-cake at my purple pamper party, Precious Pud.?