6 thoughts on “1000 Reasons to Vote Against George Bush

  1. Bingo

    I don’t get it… what is it called ‘1000 Reasons’ when there are actualy 1,496. Maybe something like ‘Over 1000 Reasons’ would be better. Or maybe there are just 1000 solid reasons since some I spotted on here with a little on the weak side but there were a lotta good ones to get the libral side of me going!

  2. Greg Dean

    I just want to express my conspiracy theorist belief, that Bin-Laden has already been captured, and is being held, only to be announced captured in time to boost bush ratings prior to the election. We can’t let him steal another election.

  3. angelbaby1287

    can’t we get any decent candidates for president?!? i don’t like bush or kerry. we need someone new!!!

  4. jackassandlovinit831

    bush is probably making out with cheny in the oval office and sucking cheny’s dick.

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